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New Clio 172 Owner

  Mini 1000/172/Leon
Hello thought would join up as finally brought a clio sport was after a 182 initially but saw this 172 up at what seemed a cheap price and when I looked around the car and saw the thousands of pounds worth of receipts with it decided I had to have it. Is on a 03 plate 60k miles recent cam-belt as well as new disks and pads, exhaust and tyres really is mechanically a minter and picked it up for £1700 bargain imo :D
Only have a couple of pictures of it so far just need to get my ZR sold so can get my insurance swapped over (650 extra ouch) only had a quick test drive so far buy coming from my 105 ZR it seems rapid and also handles very nicely even when compared to my other car a modified classic mini :)
Live in the Birmingham Area and also Lincoln for University so can hopefully come to a few meets etc...
Couple pictures from advert


And on my Drive :)