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New Clio Engine problem ...

My girlfriend has a Clio Dymanique + 1.4 16V which she has had for over a year now. It has only been to the garage once to have its 6monthly safety check. It recently went into the garage for a Renault recall to have the throttle body replaced (has anyone else had this done ?) since this replacement every so often (seems to be random) the engine management light will light up and then immediately after the engine will rev to approx 2k constantly until you turn the engine off, when you start it back up again everything is normal again ... until the next time it happens.

Now its been into the garage 6 times now, the fault has occured 8times but obviously when they do a test drive its ok.

My question is has anyone else experienced a problem like this ? I keep suggestto the garage why dont they swap the throttle body but they just seem to reset the computer. Today it is back in and they have eventually ordered a part for it, but its not the throttle body, is something else to do with the throttle pedal (which could be the probem I know!)



yep its a ecu problem mine does it now and then

its got something to do with the ecu not getting signals from the throttle sensor thingy

ok when she pulls away after starting the engine is there a delay sometimes?

What delay do you mean ? engine hesitation ?

I just hope this fixes the problem, its annoying as its been fine for a year until this!



no a delay

put your foot to the floor engine stays at idle and then 2 secs later whoosh your off!! (sorry whirrr your off)

I think there is yes, I will check with her. What does this mean then ? just proof that its the same problem.

Do you still have this problem on yours then ? She gets annoyed with it when it happens on dual carridgways mainly, oh and in crawling traffic when the car suddenly wants to drive into the rear of the person in front!

Well that did it ..... NOT !

Fitted a new throttle sensor on Friday, collected the car and all was fine. Saturday girlfriend used her car throughout the day and had no problems. Sunday monring, starts her up (the car!) and fault immediately happens, press the accelarator pedal and this does nothing the car just revs at appror 2k. Restarted throughout the day 5 times and the same. Monday morning, checked again and same fault. Called the garage to collect, they send out a truck to collect and I tried once more to help get on the truck and it started ok, f*cking typical.

Anyway the garage has it now and have finally ordered a new throttle body for it, let just hope that this fixed the problem.

Biggest problem is shes fed up with it now and the 172 on the forcourt had caught her eye .. and guess what .. she wants it!


  Audi TT Stronic

if its a mark II 172 they also have the same fly by wire throttles .. (better not mention that to her eh!) although saying that I have never had a problem with my throttle.


I had the same kind of problems with mine, it was inro the garage about twelve times in total, still isnt perfect but I think now its more me looking for the problems. The idle was really low and the revs used to drop really fast when changing gear, quite often cutting out the engine! Renault replaced throttle body, on-board computer (after re-setting it several times!) and changed the ecu software loads.


Well I assume the throttle body will fix it as this is the only thing that has been changed on the car before it started happening ... lets hope so anyway as she keeps borrowing my car and I have to get a lift to work!!

Thanks for the help guys I will keep you informed!