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New Clio models at dealers today!


Just went down to my dealer today to get a little rattle looked at, which they fixed.

While I was waiting for the RTE I had a look in their merchandise display cabinet and there was a mk2 172 (in silver) model in there. It looked fairly accurate as it even had the washer jets on the front bumper! It was £19.74 and the was also a Williams in there for £20.

I enquired about a black model and the guy went off and got a new brochure out which had LOADS of renault models in. The 172s are available in the black, red, silver and blue. There are also clio keyrings (with a little silver clio on it) and chrome plated models of the cars too.

The catalogue is called "The Renault Collections" and the part number is 71 11 291 262.

Can anyone host a couple of pics for me? If so, Ill either scan the pages or take some dig. pics.


  VW Potato

oh, I thought you meant 2003 model-year clios, not models of Clios. I thought, what the feck are you going in about; theyve had headlight washers for ages! Now I get it! :oops: :D

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Ive got the V6 model and a blue 172 MKII replica 1/48 scale paid £18.99, have not seen a black one though.
  BMW 320d Sport

Im still after the Maxi Clio model. I cant seem to track it down anywhere. In fact if anyone knows of somewhere where I can get a Maxi Clio stick together plastic model, let me know!
  320d M Sport

My dealer looked at me like a was a freak when i asked about these models? I hate Renault sometimes, nobs.