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new clio owner, need ideas of enhansments

  clio 1.4
hi people i have just picked up a beautiful clio mark 1 95 maximus ??
it cost just pounds lol.
i have just started working for rangerover as a breaker so have picked up alot of skills i did not have the confidence in trying befor so this is going to be my first strip down and refurb everything but at the same time i wanna give it a bit of spice enginge wise and looks (inside and out), so guys plz feel free to give me some good tips
its a 1.4 1995 maximus if thats?? :dapprove:


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini Cooper S
If you're going that far why not just fit a different engine? Drop a 1.8 16v in there at the very least... seems like a lot of work for not much gain on a 1.4 really. Most will say save up for a Renaultsport!