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New Clio V6

  Clio Dci 86

Having gone into my local Renault garage less than 2 weeks ago and been told there would be no new Clio V6 imagine my surprise to read about the new version in this weeks Autocar!

Power up by 30bhp to 260bhp, redisgned headlamps,revised 6 box gear ratios, suspension changes and 18" wheels thrown in for good measure(not sure what the mark one size wheels were?) with no change to the price.

Might be tempted to put an order in now, but not at my local branch!

i reckon i ight have seen a LHD one already on the M4 a few weeks ago, it sertainly had large wheels on it,

i have heard froma guy who did some the safety testing that its vastly improved handeling over the Mk1

power from the V6 lump is easy.
The trophy racers get 185 bhp from limited mods NOT including porting. Basicly cams, valves, pistons etc. You can buy the part from renault sport, but dunno if you have to prove your racing or not.
  Clio Dci 86

er...185bhp? a fantasy Id like to see it hit a sub 5 sec 60mph, 0-100 in 10.5 and top end at 175mph!!...well I can dream of beating the new Scoob STI with PPP!


V6RS - 24 valves - 3 liters

Electronical control Magnetti-Marelli
Max HP 285 HP at 7800 tn/mn
Weight/Power Ratio 3.9 kg/hp
Torque 32 mkg at 6800 tn/mn
Suspension Pseudo MacPherson (front and rear)
Brakes Four 330 mm ventilated discs - 4 pistons Brembo stirrups
Gearbox Sequential 6 gears - self-locking differential gear
Body Aluminium from the mass-producted Clio RS - Wing extenders and doors in composite material
Tires Michelin Slicks
Front : 21x65x18 S9 B
Rear : 24x65x18 S9 E
Rain : Fr & Rr : P2 B
Wheels Magnesium 18 inches
Front : 8x18 in
Rear : 9x18 in
Regulation Leaded engine
Locked electronics
Single gearbox ratio
Engine and electronics performance control on 5 to 10 cars on each race

I think there was a typo on Bens original post, I assume he meant 285 and NOT 185 bhp as this is what he has written in the spec post ?

oh well, im workin on a few customers V6s as they say there far too slow.
So the engine will hopefully be making 280bhp then have 50-75bhp N20 kits added.

ive seen the new v6 in the flesh. about two months ago driving back from oxford to glos, 2 v6s went past me. in front was the new one(not even disguised!!!) followed the old version. looked mean as hell!