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New Clio!

Hello all,

Just bought a brand new clio :), just wondering if there are any sites you would advise me to pay a visit to.

I wanna mod my new mota, eg tinted windows, lexus rear lights etc. But I got 3 yrs warrenty and 1 years free insurance, if i start moddin will it bugga up my insurance? Any one else had the same problem



P.S. Im a new member, so hello all! :D

on the free insurance, they let you away with some stuff...I added lexus lights and got it colour coded for free. Then when i got the windows tinted and it lowered they added 100 pound onto the excess.

The warranty is effected, say you stick on lowering springs...anything that goes wrong that could be blamed on the uprated part...they wont fix. nuff said!
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Welcome aboard the loony bus Jim-Bob.

The site Id highly recommend visiting would be

Just fill in the details, send along 5 quid, maybe a little more for some stickers and a keyring, and youll not only have access to discounts, but also meets, competitions with wicked prizes (I think the last prize was a nice induction kit valued at about 80 quid), but youll also get access to the best clio accesory in the whole world....youll get an extra little star below your forum name.;)

Oh yeah, did I mention that most of us are loony or very close to it?

Renault insurance are ok bu the extra £100 on your excess can make it a really high excess. Ring them and tell them everything you are going to do in one go cos they charge you £40 admin for every policy change after 30 days (or something like that) of the policy being in effect.

They pretty much allow anything that doesnt affect performance. So springs, kits, tints are all ok.

Well done on buying a cool new car and welcome to the loony brigade!

Your a friendly lot arent ya :D

I will give them a ring anyway, anyone want anything specific asking while Im at it?

I dont think I could afford the lowering kit etc anyway, the small mods will be first on the agenda!.

Nothing in particualr, just ask what they allow.


PS - What model did you get? And how long did it take to be delivered? They havent given me a date yet!

I got the Dynamique 1.2 16V, same as your getting i think. took about a month and a bit to deliver i think :confused:.

Hi Jim_Bob im from Dewsbury too. Ive got a maroon Dymanique which is pretty much standard other then a bit of mesh and colourcoding.

Keep an eye out for me my plates R3OBBE

Hay let me know your proper name i might know you. Which school did u go to e.t.c

hmmmmm... I do recognise that number plate, mustve seen u b4 somewhere.

Ill PM u, dont fancy telling every1 which school I went to etc etc ( seeing as its a clio discussion board!!!!!!! :))

Just phoned the insurance company up and dint undastand a word

Yorkshire Accent Vs Scottish Accent = 2 confused ppl!

Dam scottish, gunna give em another call, hopefully wont get scottish person this time :S.

Alls i managed to get is, all cosmetic mods are alowed just nothing that ups the performance, eg. engine, exhaust, suspension etc etc

Cosmetic, depending on price of item in question, excess can be added from £25 upto £250, if the mod costs upto £100 it can up excess by 25-100, mod costs upto 600 excess up by 250, i think she said u r allowed alloys..... gunna ring back anyway to confirm.....hope that makes some sort of sense.
  H22A7 Accord Type R scottish accent didnt have any problems wi the yorkshire accent i got............Mind u i live with Yorkshire numpties LOL!!!! Must be used to having to adapt for them ;)