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new components

  Punto/Clio GTT

bought few days ago as i wasnt happy with my xplods, they just wasnt loud enough. Threw these in and theyre 10x better, much louder and also produce some nice punchy bass from the doors. Would it be worth amping these, theyre only 45rms, or just leave em running straight off the headunit (4x52 about 23rms per channel?)

anyone whos had components then amped em, how much better was they?


This is a fantastic speaker for the money, punchy yet also mellow, good speaker if you like your R+B!! Amp them mate, itll make a fantastic difference! Theyll actually take much more than their rated power of 45watts RMS and Ive known customers of mine drive the component version of these speakers (5000cs) with 100watts RMS with no problems at all!

hmmmm in fact while your looking, take a look at my e-bay auction! Might be of some interest!!

good choice of budget speaker, these are the replacements for the 552i from their reference range

far better than any sony pap ;)

More importantly than amping the speakers however is to ensure that the speakers are mounted as solidy as possible. In my dynamique I have 16cm Diamond audio M6 components that have been screwed directly to a 18mm MDF spacer (sprayed black for factory look) and then this has been bolted to the door using 6 bolts. Overkill maybe, but the between this and fully sound deadened doors the front speakers ouse tight accurate midbass like you wouldnt believe! make this ur no.1 priority!