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New Cup Pic

  Tappd'd RS

Its Parks of Hamilton in Hamilton, Scotland - why do you ask?

Purely for insurance reasons - Im gonna save about £200 this year if I do. Ive got a years free insurance on my corsa which runs out on the 19th. As a retention bonus from Vauxhall insurance theyre gonna give me a 5 yr NCB with them (even tho Id only have 1 yr NCB with anyone else). It makes too much sense to wait and save !
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Quote: Originally posted by adtmits on 06 April 2003

Bet you cant wait mate. Ive waited nearly 4weeks and cant wait.:)

I ordered mine on February 2nd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive driven myself mad waiting - Problem is Im only 21 and building up an NCB is pretty important if I dont want my pants pulled down over the insurance!

Teady - you from Scotland too I take it?
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Yep - its sitting on the backseat wrapped in cellophane type stuff.

Ill post some more pics when it goes into their showroom and is all polished and plated up.