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New Dephaser Slight Rattle

  Monaco Clio 172
I changed my dephaser a couple of weeks ago as it was rattling its t**s off. But at about 2k revs i can here it rattling very feint. Also if i pull off at a junction without enough revs then the rattle is worse.
  Monaco Clio 172
no i thought it hadnt been long since its last change, but ive just checked an old thread and i did it in january so ill get that done
  172 ph1, r5, clio16v
Another thing to check is that the solenoid isnt clogged and oil ways are clear. You have to remove the top half of the manifold and the solenoid is held in by a 10mm bolt undo this and the solenoid slides out check for blockages and crud in here clean as required. I have had a couple like this and cleaning the valve has cured the fault. if you have an air line its worth blowing down the oil ways in the head too as sometimes these are blocked.
When you change the oil make sure you warm the car first and possibly use a flush to get any other crap out and refill with the correct grade and good quality oil.
  Dodgy one
Dave, while were on with solenoids, Is the rubber seal easy to get at? Mines weeping and the car stinks once hot