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New discounts on Torsions R5 Conversion


I have heard from John at Torsion tunning who have dropped the price on the conversion. Go the Renault Sports club furom for details. At the moment there saying 1350 for club members at Renault sports club. Not sure bout cliosport but I can find out if anyone is interseted.

The price is for a striaght swap. nothing on top, anything else you want will be charged as cost.

Call Jon 07949200705 or dave 07951021672

If you do call mention my name. Thanks

For that money you can have a 200bph engine for half the price of the low boost bb 16v turbo. Be a cheaper option for some...

They also do body work to. For those of you who have seen my car know they put a lot of hard work into their cars.

For pics

i know its off topic, but was looking at your site and I have one question (well, maybe a few!).

Where do all the random girls come from?!

Do they get paid to be there wearing next to nothing?

..sorry if its blindingly obvious but have never been to a cruise so I wouldnt know what goes on. However, Im all for this scantily clad random bird-ness so tell me more!



Ask Jas and Nick about the women. Or read the review to donny south. that will explain all.

I think they do get paid but u dont have to pay for a photo with them lol

so, if i gave then 1350 quid....then came back say a week later or so...i would have a GTT lump in my car?

inc box and drive train?


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  Seat Leon Cupra

I thought you had to have a complete donor car so lets say add 1K, and i dont think they rebuild the engine either. If thats right, i dont see how youd get a 200bhp GTT clio for much less than the BB low pressure turbo. A yellow spec rebuild from BB is around £1600 alone + donor car + fitting = nearly 4k. From the specs ive seen on GTTs I think you must add another grand at least for 200bhp (as well as the bits to handle it, suspension etc). Plus if you have an F7P/R unless you can afford a modded lump straight off, youd lose power with the standard GTT lump. I think its a good conversion for RTs.

i thought you needed a donor car too......maybe TT should post on EXACTLY what they do.

And i think they really intend it for RTs.

Yea u still do need your donour car so that is bout a k on top. However you can sell the body kit, seats and other bits and bobs to make some money back. To reach the 200 mark your right is bout another k all in all I think you can hit the 200 mark for bout 3300 maybe a little more. Like coolspot said its ideal for any 1.2,RT,RSI

But ben u take the donour car and yours and in 3-4weeks maybe less you have a lovely dump valve...

ben I said it would work out cheaper for a 16v low boost conversion..

All torsion told me was the price.

It includes changed the gearbox, drive shafts, dash and many more bits

change to an R5 dash!

now thats not appealing.

cant be bothered with it.....dont like the sound of a dump valve......

no worries. Ben if you want to know anything PM me I know almost everything bout the conversion i going there on tuesday to work out a price for mine as i am going mad and the 200 mark will be hit lol

well, id rather not waste decent money on a paltry RT which the chassis is a bit poo.

rather have a whole GTT or just another car.....ITR here i come!


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its funny to see in a clio bay though as theres so much spare room. The clocks look ok in the dash too.


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  Seat Leon Cupra

big brakes and suspension , maybe bigger alloys for grip oh and an LSD for super acceleration and traction would be great :devilish:Will need a custom bumper if going for a large intercooler, though i think they use a charge cooler as standard.

brakes.. your need to upgrade to the GTT big brake conversion, however if you have upgraded you brakes on the clio they might be able to couple with a standard engine.

And coolsport all that other stuff comes off the donour car so as long as u get a good u dont need to uprate anything else

lol.. na you know a far bit bout the conversion. But I seen 5+ cars go though this conversion and been told almost verything you need to know

I have been out on one of these (MarkFishers off this board) and it seems pretty good, although hes still running it in it seems pretty quick, the workmanship under the bonnet looks good, and as coolspot says the space left in the engine bay is laughable when i think about how much room my 1.8 takes up , theres loads of room once the GTT lump is in :) One of the best things though is having a clio with a dump valve :D

Hi forum! Just thought i would pop along and answer a few questions.

We are going to support all the owners clubs from now on and this means the basic conversion is going to work out at £1350, any extras or options will be charged at our cost.

You need a complete car as a doner (5,not kebab) for well under a grand, and that is all!

If you do have any questions best thing is to pop down, or call! You might even get a cuppa!!!;)