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New Dynamique

  Mk2 Ph3 Dynamique
Hi there!

I previously owned a black mk2 dynamique but with going to university had to sell it.

A few years past and so decided i couldnt go without a car any longer. I knew to look straight for another clio and found a nice 55 plate dynamique in the colour i was after.

Here it is!



Had 49000 miles on it and 1 lady owner from new!
Few dinks in the doors from cars being opened on to it but looking to get them sorted in due course!

Put a new head unit in it and a sub in with a set of components ready to go in just whenever i get the time to get around to putting them in.

Look forward to my time here!

  Mk2 Ph3 Dynamique
Yeah want to get sportlines and maybe a whiteline arb. Not planning on too much more as looking to get a 1*2 in a year so save money and bits for that.
  Mk2 Ph3 Dynamique
Yeah i will do :) i am taking pictures as i go all ready for when i get some decent progress done. Yeah just on springs for now though then see where i go. Bit of colour coding on bump strips, shortened aerial then go from there. Just a shame i cant readily get the colour! Will have to get some from online