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New exhaust system

  mk2 clio campus sport
I just wondered if anyone had any experience of new exhaust systems?
Last week my coil pack broke and a new one was fitted, since then there has been a rattling under my car, which i thought may be the catalytic convertor, turns out it is not only that but actually the whole exhaust system which needs replacing.
But there is some confussion as i have only an 06 clio, this was when the mk3 shape started to be made, however mine is the mk2 shape.
So people don't seem to know which exhaust sytem would fit?
Does anyone know whether i would an 05 exhaust system would fit or do i need 06 onwards?
Also does anyone know a rough idea of cost as i have been told there are now new catalytic convertor regulations in place, which have upped the price of them and i have been quoted a shocking £500 for the lot is this too much?

Thankx for the help.