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New exhaust tips ? *pics*

Hey guys, one of the baffles in my tail pipes is loose and rattling so going to have a new tip put on tomorrow, but for an extra couple of quid i could also change the design...

The only other design i would probably go for is a 3.5" inwardly rolled or 3" outwardly rolled ? Or just keep my slash cut 3.5's

Few pics of it currently..

If anyone has either of the other 2 mentioned can you please post



only have 2 decent pics
  Astra GSI, 172, Golf
i think outwardly rolled look ace on clio's go for 3'' . i have a single 3'' outwardly rolled on my van .
Bought it second hand in "mint" condition, so far baffles gone in centre section and now this
do you know the make of the exhaust matey,,,ow and leave it as it is,,,:approve:

Its a janspeed, althought it looks good, it falls apart,

Fixed again now by Phil in Stafford. for a tenner, and he was working on it about an hour .. Hes a legend reconmend him to anyone
  Clio 182
I currently have a Janspeed slash on mine, it appears to be hanging a litttle low, no rattles or anything though seems decent!

Nice sound aswell
Yeah :) ive been going there the past 3 years, had 7 exhausts done :L

Bsaically my tailpipes are baffled and it came loose so i pulled it out, and it sounded crap so for an hour he was putting a new one in the actual tailpipe and charge me a tenner. hes a legend
  WR1 impreza
Yeah ive used him a few times. Also fitted me a second hand system on my last 182 for 20 quid lol Try to offer him a bit more but he never accepts lol