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New Ford Rallye Concept!!

I want those wing mirrors and spoiler! May have to swap the 1600 for one of these when the road car comes out - RS Fiesta!

Supposedly what you need to watch is Top Gear on sunday, if your a ford fan you wont be disappointed about how quick the focus rs is, but it does get totally slated for anything but perfect driving surfaces (which BTW we dont have in the uk)


ford it may be K but its looks very nice. Cant see the road going version looking quite that hardcore though!

Im sorry but this is the best looking Rally Car to grace us! And look spiles better than the 172/Rally Car/Cup Racer....

Nah - the super 1600 clio is a quickfix rally car - minimum effort - slap on a few V6 front arches/ butchered V6 rear arches and a kit car spoiler - no thought really into the design - unlike this beauty - Ford have obviously gone balls out designing this one - Super1600 clio needs a big mouth like this and a better rear end!

"Nah - the super 1600 clio is a quickfix rally car - minimum effort - slap on a few V6 front arches/ butchered V6 rear arches and a kit car spoiler - no thought really"

Its gorgeous, but a blatant copy of the V6 clio!!!! The wheel arches / multispoke oz wheels / the rear arches / front arches! / and the front spoiler. Its Ford that havent put the thought into it.


id prefer to have the new V6 MKII standard without any exterior mods.. then any of those rally cars imo.

who needs a rally looking car when driving through town? ;) ;) not as if ur gonna be power sliding around the next bend!

yeah but fords build quality are BETTER than renaults nowadays, cant keep refering to 70s phrases all time joe, things have moved on, renaults build quailty havent


they have the same view height, therefore the angle, hence vision, of the same object, is indentical....

therefore, the quality is the same..... as the buying public (Chavvy ??) deem appropriate.....

so, there is NO looking up or down, just a few sales figures....


"I must actually agree with Kis for once lol...

Ford = Fix Or Repair Daily...


Found On Road Dead.

The clio is FAR better looking IMHO...

gotta get that kit for the turbo.. me likes..

Joe. :D"

JEEZ - CANT BELIEVE I READ THAT !!!! and I agree with OutKa5t - all Ford have done is taken a Fiesta and bolt on a couple of bits - and anyway we all know it wont end up like this on the road - its a "fordrallyeconcept" The "concept" bit means it will change before appearing on the road.


ClioSport Club Member

The only reason ford have even produced this rallye concept is that their MD has pledged that they will be launching 10 new models every four years. As their design division is incapable of this (believe me I know some of the engineers who design for ford), they have gotten desparate and have begun to produce more and more limited edition loss leader conversions to spice up their range.

They are not really that impressive either, the new boy on the block (Focus RS) does not even improve much on the conversions offered by mountune.

Im not saying the new fast Fords are crap, they are brilliant. But they are not as iconic as the Excort Mexico or cosworth was.

Its the new fiesta rally car for the junior WRC - obviously it wont appear on the road like this (thatll be the Fiesta RS) Yeah it got wide arches and a kit car spoiler but look at the lines, the paint, the vents , the wheels, brakes and so on and so on -its simply been done nicer - looks like a wide arch car rather than a clio with wide arches stuck on. period