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New headlamp washers Big pic inside.

  Williams 2, STi N12

What would be cool is have the flush fitting ones that the new Audi & VW have. When they are activated they pop up out of the bumper, do there stuff and then fit flush again.



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

Sure ya could buy some blanking plugs like the Cup car has, and colour code them to suit your car.

However blanking plugs dont wash the headlamps nearly half as well.

GOD !!!.. yes..

can you IMAGINE the weight saving form removing that heavy pile of crap.. !!

wow, recalced and got 150 + bhp extra

they gotta be pulling yer plonker.. I mean.. be serious doods... they REMOVED THE HEADLAMP WASHER ???


I can really see how that adds to performance on our roads.. sheeeeeeeeeeeesh...

NURSE !! ???

sorry, got carried away there .... hee hee

but cmon.. how bout a cup minus model.. you supply the engine and wheels ???

they really add weight you could do without..

Mr reno.. I need some of that sh*t you are smokin !

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

The reason the Clio Cup doesnt have headlight washers is that it doesnt have Xenon headlights.

By law all cars with factory fitted Xenons must have headlight washers!!! How stupid it that!!


  Shiny red R32

Our Beemers washers work like that! Wish mine looked the same, as I hate those stupid little horns that stick out.
  Ford Fiesta

they dont have washers on the cup. Why are they required for xenons? xenons can be added now on non 172s but for a hefty £500.
And is there any real benefit of headlamp washers? how can they clean lights without any movement from a wiper?>


  Shiny red R32

Teady, they have a Cup at Sighthill and also at Renault Livingston, but they wont let you drive it as it is just for the showroom, or so they told me! It looks great though and it was possibly the one I saw a couple of Mondays ago, as that was when Sighthill got theirs. I daresay one of the sales guys took it for a spin prior to putting it on display.

Abercromby Renault will be getting a Cup demonstrator in a couple of weeks.


  Shiny red R32

Abercromby Renault is in Seafield Road on the east side, quite close to Leith. The road is full of car dealers!

Aha my Edinburgh friends - Think I better go and have a look at the cup in sighthill.....

BTW I was thinking, given that headlamp washers are a legal requirement ( see above ) and that they are all popping out due to a known fault - should Reno not recall Mk 2 172s to fix this ??
Just a thought.
  Ford Fiesta

i find it hard to believe its a legal requirement for xenon lights. it doesnt make sense and im sure ive seen xenon lights on cars without washers.