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new interior or seat covers

I wanna get either some 172 seats in my dynamique, or is any 1 aware of cool seat covers? would be cheaper

cheers for resp peeps!


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

The seats are the same underneath, so you could just get the leather/alcantara covers from Renault and fit them onto your existing seat frames.

Might cost a LOT of money though...

seat covers will look poo !!!

u could try and find a stuffed 172 in a breakers and get the seats, provided the airbags are ok.

might just get ma Nan on the case then, she whipped up a wicked quicksilver jumper, im sure shell be able do some sports cover! LOL:D

LoL from renault it was a G for the upper part of a front seat leather!

Find a scrapped 172 and get the leather out of it, shouldnt cost more than £400-£600.

Seat covers are the tackiest thing going, please dont do that.

i probably have a 172 by the time i get some, or maybe even a v6 if i get the right Graduate job, anyways! (Big sigh) looks like im gonna av deal with this granny gray patterned sh*te for a year or 2.

Shame aswell the seats have got a really good sporty grip and feel to em!
  honda accord 2.4 type s

When i had the clio, i tried my mates "leather look" seat covers that he had bought from Halfords. From about 400 yards away, they looked alright but on closer inspection were pap.
I ended up getting some 172 seats (front and back) from in Norwich, they only cost £450

Maybe try them to see if they have anymore