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New Launch Cg Authorised Detailer

So many of my customers ask me if i know of anyone who can detail their car to a professional standard.Well we are proud to announce our very first authorised Chemical Guys Detailer,who are experts in the field of vehicle detailing.
Refined Reflections is run by Gary Funnell ,and is based in the Norwich area .Whether it be a simple clean up or an exterior detail by machine then Refined Reflections are experts in bringing your car back to showroom condition.

Authorised Detailers
Sorry its taken me a while to get registered, slight computer problems.

Anyway many thanks David for the honour of appointing me as the 1st UK Authorised Chemical Guy's Detailer.

As those who have followed the link, I am based in Norwich, however I am fully mobile, needing nothing other than an address and being able to get my van to you car. I will travel anywhere if needed, for example I have a car's I look after in Kent, Sussex, London, Birmingham and soon France.

If anyone wants their car looked after, maybe just to sell it, prepare it for the winter, have a show they want to attend or just make it look better then please ask and I'm sure we can sort something out.

I'll be in touch with you shortly Gary, just about to have the front end of my Williams re-sprayed, and will be wanting the remainder of the car done by machine to get rid of the light swirl marks etc

Plus im in Norwich too which makes it even better!
Sorry for the delay in getting back Shaun, just back from France. Anyway please feel free to contact me when you are ready, I'm sure I'll be able to help you get the most out of the car :)