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New megane... pic inside.

like it... I mean fair enough the back is rotten ugly but the above car tries to hide it with a few mods.

Yep... I like it
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

from the quarter panel forwards it looks like a focus to me, put your hand over the back half of the car and see what i mean! I like it, but the colour is minging. Better wheels are needed too.

Gaz 2130

It looks like a tuning houses own body kit rather than an official Renault effort to me. You can see the stand of Projectzwo in the background - they do body kits for VWs.

Fooking crap! I dont know whats happening to renault lately. Infact I dont like that many of the new cars on the roads today. All to girly if you ask me.



  Audi TT Stronic

the megane is the biggist pile of sh@t thats has ever graced itself on the planet we call "earth", on the spec list for it there should be an option for "hammer" so that you can beat some sense into yourself for buying this piece of cr@p

Or do you think i am overeacting. ? :mad:

Quote: Originally posted by Steve on 10 December 2002

Its called arodynamics DTWD
These are road cars for god sakes, aerodynamics are not that important. Looks are. If it was F1 then I would agree, but its not.