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New member Cheltenham area

  '02 Clio 172
Hi I'm Adam,

I've had a silver ph2 172 for a couple of months now but was feeling particularly happy with it the other day after replacing all the brakes so I finally stumped up my membership fee!

I got the pack in the post today so happy, although I'll have to factor in the increased fuel costs of carrying that bottle-opener around with me - it is nice though! :D

Car is completely standard and unmolested and just gone over the 72k mark - I saw a few dogs before settling on this one and I am really happy with it - my first Renault (and first car) was an H reg R5 GT Turbo a good few years back - still no idea how I afforded it back then though...

So I just have a standard back box to fit at some point to replace the pattern part with a hole in where the mounting arm has snapped off - I considered a stealth stainless system but my insurer wanted an extra 80 quid to add to my policy so I though I'd just stick with standard for a while!

The only problem with the car is the radio reception - it's terrible. I replaced the antenna itself but it makes no difference - in fact it make no difference to what I can pick up if I remove the antenna altogether - is there a connection somewhere between the base on the roof and the back of the HU?