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New Member, hello all

hey all!,

Im the new girl racer in town!!, Ive got a wee black 1.2 rl beast, its standard at the mo but just apart from new 15" team dynamic motorsport wheels and a one off bodykit on the way. Im from Scotland and would like it if u guys keep me informed about events that r happnin in scotland. Very soon im hoping to get the windows tinted and the car lowered, any advice on how much to lower on 15" would b great!

Cheers all! x :D
  320d M Sport

Hello...............?! Are u sure youre new or are you lying to us (GR?????):confused:

That u Sylvia?


A GR, with a black clio and spokey rims....hmm.....

Is it bred into you!!!! lol sure GR snr will be along
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Hi GR from Scotland.

Dunno how to change your user name. I know it cant be done from profile.

Welcome anyway!


Its easy to tell the difference - one has got about 10,000 posts, the other has 10! Sorted! :) Oh, and welcome BTW!!!


Wouldnt worry abot have a space inbetween your name....and there is a small matter with teh number of

The real question is, does the MK2 GirlRacer have different gearing and ECU to the MK1? And which is faster?

Oh, a bit confused for a moment then.... :oops:

Hello Girl Racer,

Im from Dunfermline, weve had a few meets up here now, all have involved some pretty tasty/pacey drives!

I think were thinking about a karting event for the next meet, if you give Gibbo an email, hell put you on the Scottish mailing list, of course I think you have to a member!

hey all,

this is "or was" girl racer as u see i have changed my name to cute cruiser coz i think it sums me up nicely;). Thats great teady, itl b great to meet up wi all the fellow cruisers do u go often to the carpark beside land of leather in dunf? I go often in my pals nissan sunny!

Dont say im not nice 2 u "girlracer" BTW im fi Fife.

Cruiser(thats yer new name BTW!;))

I dont really hang around that car park, you might see me popping in to say hi to someone, but thats it really. I might cruise through in the next couple of days, look out for a shiny silver 172 giving it some!!!