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New member/snapped sensor

  Suzuki Swift Sport
Hi all

Been a regular visitor to the site in the past for advice for friends cars. The community has a real buzz and has really helpful members from what I've seen! As I bought another clio, I thought I would join cliosport to complement the car.

Recently indulged in my second clio. An RS172 Cup! Previously owned a 200 which was equally fun - but never visited the site.

Situated in the Swansea area.




Hope you like the pics!

I've just got in from servicing the car and have Nipped a sensor next to the oil filter. It has snapped off (literally just tapped it). Is this a temperature sensor of some sort? Any issues with driving the car without this? No errors or any other signs the car isn't running right!

Can't take a pic because my phone is low on battery. It's green and situated to the left of the oil filter looking directly at the car.

  Suzuki Swift Sport
Thanks. Assuming it'll be fine after the oil change. Best to check the sump plug/dipstick in the morning then!