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New member

  5 gt turbo & clio16v
Just got myself a clio 16 valve as an everyday runner so thought i would come on and see whats what? Im in the RTOC as i have a R5 GT Turbo which is my pride and joy but is not practicle as an every day car and uses alot of fuel!
Got a problem with the idle on the valver which i believe to be PAS related??? anyone got any suggestions? Cuts out 90% of the time when coming to a standstill but is worse if you have just turned a corner? sounds like there is air in the system all the time:S
  R.I.P 182
Welcome to Cliosport!

Cant help you with any problems, im sure other members will be along to help!!

Watch out for Revels, if he asks about a headboard, just say "no"!

And get some pics up! (the 5 and the valver!)
  5 gt turbo & clio16v
richlawson said:
welcome mate

is ur 5 yellow seen that c2 ggt plate before

No my 5 is red mate but the plate is actually on a grey 5 that i have, but is being transfered to the red one shortly. Ive had the plate approx 3 years but may have been on a yellow one previously??