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New member

Hi folks,

just got my new one. So happy after having to give back my MK1 ( Co. cart) been watching the threads and all I can say is, "its great to see so many people enjoying such a fun car." Yet again have to get at least 6,000 on the clock to losten the baby up.

It probably isnt for me to say after having looked at the weight issue. All I can say is that there is no way a MK11 is 65Kilo heavier or a 10st person, after all it is a few sensors that work the climate and ESP. Still the same alluminium bonnet and composite wings.

Have to say the MKII handles better and feels just the same as my old one at the same mileage. Very hard one to call.

You will probably say what an A@@hole. Sorry Im an old git (39) and an ex "olBill" Im intersested in car controll and fun.

This is way too long and have not got the hang of forums.

£Would love to get in

Mk1 with lower springs make the car much better in the handling department. Well less twitchy and a lot less roll , and welcome.


cheers guys,

cant do much yet again a Co. sponsoed car.

Great to have done 1100 miles in 10 days. Had a Puma as a make shift. PLEASEEEE!!! dont laugh

Yo Blaze

nice to have ya here.. you are NOT old.. just maturing.. like a ripe stilton LOL

I keep saying.. I feel like a grandad to some of these guys .. hee hee. (45 and loving it !)

the old bill eh ??.. I am ex Ambulance (Paramedic) .. did ya take the Advanced driving course ??.. if so.. nice one..

ya scrape enuf gunge off the raod and eventually realise that technique, smoothness, and awareness make for faster times eh ?.

good to have ya here... All I can say is (being new myself) that this place is the Bizz !!!... the guys and few gals are the salt of the round green blue thing...

seriously good place and people..

can you get to Snake pass tomorrow (see the FAO Captn Slarty thread).. you would be MOST welcome.. and.. I wouldnt feel AS old.. LOL


Captn, sorry cant get you on the link

Yes class 1 (and did it feel good !!!) I miss the progressive advancing way of driving.

Im intersested in meeyts to see the guys . Dont know about links!!1

just check the threads in this forum.. there is one entitled FAO Captn Slarty.. thats the meet up tomorrow.

we will have 4 mk2 172s and an ap22 rolling road in a box to play with.

Joe.. ps.. yep on the class 1.. It was an education !