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  Clio Sport 172
Hi im pretty new to all this.. bought my 172 in August last year and ive always wanted to go on a meet, however my unsocialable work hours dont really allow me too :(
Ive also seen some pictures of other members cars and well i dont think mine would fit in... i clean it, but with regards to doing work on it and changing bits i struggle with, reasons been i rarely have any spare money and my car knowledge is awful..... I just simply love driving the car, it does however have a sports exhaust on which the previous owner fitted. lol.
I live in Retford nottinghamshire, and seen you guys organise some meets in lincoln which is only about 30mins from me, i would love to get involved in a meet from time to time which is why id like to take this opportunity to introduce myself :)
Hope everyone is ok, and will hopefully meet some of you guys soon
Take care
  Clio Sport 172

Heres my clio :)

We look forward to meet you all soon