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new midlands meet/run

I might be looking at doing a run in the east midlands of about 60 miles with a stop at a nice pub for lunch in the rutland area.

(i do this route for lotus)

it would start at 10 am and finish after lunch on either a sat or a sun.

how many people are intersted.??

Only people with 150 hp+ please as slower cars would not keep up and bog the run down

if there is enough interest i will also do a club web site at

you can come from any area as long as you can get to the start point by 10am


yes :) any way you only have a 1.4 :p

top speed would be find its the overtaking other traffic, even a standard 1.8 would get dropped sorry sub 150 hp cars just do not have the grunt at 60 mph and the drivers end up taking risks to keep up.

Its a fun day not a kill your self day.
  Lionel Richie

Would love to come, but im scum and only have 75bhp!!!! (i bet i could keep up though!!!! I can keep up with a 2.0 16V clio and 172 on the motorway no probs ask Matt and Roamer!!!!!)
  Lupo Gti

Jesus christ, ive never heard anyone so stuck up their own ass! u wouldnt be able to keep up in a car with less than 150bhp as u dont want people taking risks..................! overtaking in general is a risk, but wait all u people wiv less than 150bhp, we will leave u behind! Mrdemon, im planning a trip and so far we have got an M coupe and an M5, sorry no cars below 320bhp, all they will do is slow us down! we are planning on going the full 155 limited all the way! as is suppose u are !

grow up Lanky.

Every one knows runs break the speed limit And I for one am not doing a run where little boys in there 1.4s think that they can keep up with out causing danger to other road users.

Every run is a risk and i like to keep it as less a risk as possable which means NO UNDER POWERED CARS.

Get yourself on some driver training and grow up.

Its got nothing to with me having my head stuck up my

all i will say is enjoy your trip and drive safe .


Grow up??? Who is the one wanting to do 60 miles @130mph+ on the sh*te roads here in the East Midlands. F off to the Autobahn. I do not plan on getting banned, as there are quite a lot of cameras around here especially near Rutland.

I would come but am worried what would happen if my williams wasnt running right and I only had 149bhp. I might slow the group down/take uneccessary risks so wont bother. Anyone up for a slow meet in the East Midlands where we go and rag our cars around without being too stressed about if anyone takes an extra 5 minutes here and there? Similar thing 10 am start get to a nice pub for lunch? I would cap a 171 bhp limit incase we lose sight of the faster cars but as I am a nice lad anyone can come. Anyone for sometime in April?
  Lupo Gti

yeh little boys in their 1.4s, just like your a little boy in a 2.0ltr, and im sure i have plenty more driving experiance than u , u patronizing git. Having raced a westfield sportscar, and probably drivin cars that u cud only dream off!

so your saying you are good at overtaking, or being a good driver, o well, sad really , you have to try and prove yourself. Maybe one day you will be lucky enuf to try your luck on a track and realise just how good or bad your driving is!

It sounds like you need to grow up and start respecting the road

  Lupo Gti

by the way your car could be considered underpowered Mrdemon, pah only 150 bhp!

Woots, im up for that, mind u my 1.4 only goes 50, and thats downhill!!! , if i tie 2 together then maybe i can make 150bhp, or take another engine in my boot!

i cant believe this topic! i luv clios in general..... i think you are talking total sh*te!

grow up !

ps... and to add another point this type of topic drags the form down!! and makes it look like a kiddies play area!! i think it needs deleteing already!

fair enough.

No where did i say we were doing high top speeds.

So get your reading glasses out.

I have also never said i was a good driver so you can all put as many words in my mouth as you like.

Looks like i will be sticking to a mans car and stay doing the lotus runs then.

you lot can stick to ya ice, big body kits and 5" tail pipes :p and may be when you mature I will see you on a track one day.

but take my advice and stick to rwyb days at santa pod.

I think alot of people have been pretty harsh, i know exactly what Mrdemon means, he didnt mean it to be offensive, its just if your going for a country blast the last thing you want to do is hang around for slower cars, and everyone who claims they are strictly law abiding when it comes to speed limits, who ya kiding? I have a lot of friends with slower cars, and its a pain having to wait for them when you want to have a blast with the faster cars in the group. Before i get flamed, i used to own an RT so i know what its like to be in the slower car bracket!
  Lionel Richie

"little boy in a 1.4"

que me!!!!

Actually i drive a 1.2 (nearer to a 1.1, but i dont think anyone really cares!!)

I dont think you know what Cliosport is all about, i mean you only have 22posts under your belt!!!!!

If youve ever been to a Cliosport meet, then youll understand what im blabbing on about.

Yeah, so we all drive fast on occasions, but if you all read the main page of, then youll see is says (and ill quote) "Cliosport is a unique car club for all Clio enthusiasts" (whether that be the bodykit crew, or the old rich guys in their V6s, or mums in their shopping cars!!!)

Cliosports were/are built to be driven hard (ok so this is debatable!!!LOL)

If this chap wants to go for a "RUN" then i think thats cool, and he did make a fair point about underpowered cars not keeping up, but in my opinion (and others) this is a dangerous thing to do but if he or anyone else wants to go for a thrash then they can!!! I mean weve all seen Craggy and the Williams videos!!!!!!!

Just read back what ive written and ive contrdicted myself about 20times, but oh well!!!!
  172 Cup

Do the maths..

Starts at 10am and finishes after lunch. If we say lunch in 12ish at the earliest thats an average of 30mph LOL

Cant we all just be friends and love each other :D:D:D:D:D

It doesnt matter what engine of power output you have, you can always have fun when youre driving with friends and thats what a cruise or drive should be about.

I am not tring to be funny.

only had the car 4 days :)

I have seen alot of runs on other bbs which are clio 172 only.

So i was just trying to sort a run out. which by the way is hard work.

I have just joined the membership and will see you all i hope on the 25th may in leicester stamford hall.

the runs i do are Strictly to the speed limit its only after the 60mph limit the speed picks up. And on a open road if you get stuck behind a BMW doing 65mph you do need the power to get past safly even more so when there are 15 cars in the convoy.

This is not a cruise it is a run.

As for average speed yes it does come down to 30 mph as there is a stop midway for fuel and a drink. And we do stick to the 30 and 40 mph zones.

I hope you did not take this the wrong way.

And if i do get one sorted hope to seen you on it.

Sorry if you took Offence.


I know exactly what MD is saying, I just think it got lost somewhere in all the red mist hanging about. The two runs ive been on up here have been very spirited, there is no way anything lower than a valver would have kept us in sight!! If its just a meet in a car park somewhere to take pics and meet other clio owners then fair enough, everyone is welcome!