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New on here, racing a 182 in the Middle East

Hi all,

New to the forum, just picked up a 2005 182(I think!) and racing it in Bahrain in the national 2000cc class, sadly down on power compared to the Hondas in everyone elses car but having a laugh anyway. Its a standard 2ltr16v lump, running Motec ECU, not sure on power as we will dyno it next week sometime, running Federal tyres, AP brakes, cant remember the suspension but coilover all round, full cage, racepac dash/gps system, and me!

So once I get it on the dyno will have an idea of the state of the engine, pulls quite strong but needs a few more ponies. Any advice on cams for this engine? Any other worthwhile mods to get some more grunt (we are limited to a single throttle body so cant do much there)

Will try and get some more pics up.
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Decent spec, so that's 4 track 182's in the middle east (3 in Dubai). Can you run sequential box in Bahrain and slicks or is more stock.
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cheers dude!

Welcome mate, 182 looks great!

Check out the RS2 inlet (details on website) it may fit perfectly into what you require
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A good map and the cheaper SM Inlet mine made 195 hp and 165 lb/ft for the grand total of about £900 which was cheaper than just an RS2 to buy, BUT the RS2 does look nicer than the SM Inlet and weight is less I think but not sure by how much.
Hi all,

It has a custom inlet already (will try to find pics) so no more gain to be had there,

Not sure on the cam, we have a tace this weekend and then a break while the track gears up for the Bahrain F1 GP so may investigate the top end.

Not allowed dog or sequential boxes in the series, on mod is stright cut which will give a slight WHP improvement but not worth the money - cheapet to throw a K20 honda on there are have 230hp!!

Will let you know how Exxon (as we called her as she leaked loads when we first got her as she sat for two years idle) gets on this weekend, had a podium already and considering the clio is worrh less than some guys dashboards its quite funny!