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New Pads on used Rotors?

  Clio 172
HI Guys,

About 4 months ago i installed New Genuine Rear Rotors with Brembo (oem Style) pads.

My front DS2500 pads are almost worn and i have a new set front and rear of DS2500 ready to go.
I bought the now worn front Pads and Rotors from a friend who went to a big brake upgrade.
This is the Rotors first pad cycle.

I believe it should be fine as long as the wear looks ok for me to just swap the Front pads onto the old rotors as they are the same material but would doing this on the rear be an issue?

Would the cross contamination of the Brembo Pads affect the DS2500 pads???

I need these for this weekends Supersprint Event and doubt i will have time to get the rear machined.
If this sounds bad i will just run the Brembo pads until i can get the rear machined but would love opinions from those in the know! :D

Thanks in advance!
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ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
Is a rotor a brake disc? If so it's fine to use news pads on used brake discs, bugger buying new discs everytime pads wear out.
  Clio 172
Yeah brake disc's. Sorry maybe Rotors is a Aus word.
So you think it would be fine to just put new ds2500 on the old rotors for the front and also fine to change pads on the rear from Brembo to ds2500 without I'll effects on the track?
  Clio 182
I was going to say mate, where are you from? lol.... Rotors is what I hear when watching Fast n Loud on Discovery channel filmed in Dallas ;)

In answer to the original question.... It will be absolutely fine to just change the pads as long as the 'rotors' don't have massive lips on them or have any warping.