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New phone...

  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
Selling my N80 as i'm not too keen, especially when i kno i break phones quite alot and this one seems to be worth a bit more...

i just want one that looks stylish can take a memory card , plays mp3's and has a camera really. bluetooth would be nice

only want to spend towards the £100 mark!,,59887,00.html

along those lines but maybe with a camera, anyone any ideas?
  A Fcukin Car
I need a new phone, I droppwed mine on Thursday and broke the screen, I am borrowing Sarahs brothers fone at the mo but can't get on with it, don't know wat to get though.
  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
awesome, my n80 just sold for £305 and he is bringing cash round now as he is only round the corner!