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new photo - front end

  Golf V6 4Motion

yes mate! not to every ones taste so please dont no one come up and say Ive spoilt the lines - boring!

I love standard looking valvers and my next car will be one! Just had to build the maddest looking one going.

I like the lights and the bonnet looks very sleek but im not a fan of all that mesh! But thats just me.

Fair play for being different! :D
  Golf V6 4Motion

Yeah mate - me too to be honest. We are getting rid of the main bit of front bumper mesh and just having an oil cooler lurking there with alloy rad behind - should look more better - a bit along the lines of the carisma TVR. cheers
  Ziel Nurburgring

Is the bonnet wonky? It might just be the angle of the picture but it seems the indicators(I think thats what they are) are set back differently. The left one as you look at it seems to be an inch or so deeper
  Golf V6 4Motion

what have we done to it? fitted a custom front bumper, fitted some angel eye lights from a 206 and then put on a F50 bonnet for a valver and modded that too. now just waiting oil cooler to replace front mesh. alright.

theres a few photos around - cant upload anymore at the moment though.
  MKIII 138

what i dont get is people spending 5K on styling on a 3k car combine the two you can get a 8k car thats scooby or fto or whatever you aspire too i.e MKII172. insurance cant be cheap with big exhausts added and boykits + ice. for 8k no actually for 6k you could get a subtley fettled 106gti in black with coilovers + some mild engine tweaks and have a very capable car that will run rings around almost anything.
  Golf V6 4Motion

blink - well spotted mate. those dodgy bonnet pins would never fit flush so it raised one side of the bonnet slightly - and yeah it is the angel of the photo too. they have now been replaced and it is all fine. the indicators are the small ones at the bottom - the raised up ones are legal sidelights than come on with angel eyes so the police dont go mardy!
  Golf V6 4Motion

got a 106 gti mate! who wants an FTO and could only get an ordinary scoob for that money so would just be like everyone else. its called having fun doing up your car and no it aint no typical kit car with lexus lights and a big exhuast and cheap rubbish. magnex exhaust, hill power de-cat, clio cup shocks, ramair filter. run rings round most people.


ClioSport Club Member

Quote: Originally posted by hill_power_clio on 08 March 2005

what have we done to it? fitted a custom front bumper, fitted some angel eye lights from a 206 and then put on a F50 bonnet for a valver and modded that too.
Answered your own quetions there mate!

All ill ask is Why Why Why?!

Why not just get a valver and put some clio angel eyes and leave it with the valver bonnet? Would look about 10 times better!

Oh and someones left some cds on your bonnet! ;)
  MKIII 138

Quote: Originally posted by mr sheep on 08 March 2005

ive allways liked mondeos...
hehe.. best handling rep mobile out there. cheap v6s safe. quite good lookin. st220s are 12k now 2nd hand low milege! mondys arent actually bad at all. get a zetec-s lowered 18s and it will keep up with a 172 on sweeping corners easily and just about on twists.
  Golf V6 4Motion

well done mate

i did the photoshop on your clio for lowering it. remember

thanks for the crit - but still i fink ill have some fun being different for a bit.

enjoy ya golf!!!
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Only thing that gave it away as being a Clio was the Mirrors for me!

I can see a lot of work and money has gone into that - each to their own i suppose.

Good luck with finishing it off, im sure it certainly gets the attention!
  Golf V6 4Motion

cheers nick.

yeah it does get a lot of attention, funnily enough a lot of other clio drivers like and respect it! thanks for the vote of luck too pal. Like I said before I like all the different categories of cars - I have just sold my tuned Pulsar GTIR and am now running about in a mint, standard (nearly!) 106 gti. and next car will probably be another clio. all about doing a bit of everything.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Well you only live once ;-)

I often look at the pics of all my cars and always think im glad ive owned each one, they all have their good/bad points - the fact is in a few years we wont be able to do anything to cars, plus theyll all be running on low energy fuel etc.
  Golf V6 4Motion

yeah man thats the way. iv had my valver stock then decided to make it the maddest looking one going - someone had too! then my jap turbo, now my immaculate gti - next will have to be a proper tuned NA something or other and so on!

can someone tell me the point in buying a renault clio, then modifying it beyond recgonition?

i still cant understand it

if you wont like the looks of the clio, so much that you have to deface it, why buy one in the 1st place :confused:
  Golf V6 4Motion

beyond recognition. have a look at the rest of it mate. its got a maxi wide arch kit. its got the same roof line, same shape doors etc and still got a 1.8 16v engine in it - the best thing about the car. furthermore no other car looks like this so doesnt matter which car you use. thats the whole point - its unique.
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

that is pretty mad. fair play for beng different. looks scary as f**k from the front! :D
  Golf V6 4Motion

cheers mate! thats what most people say about the front - bit evil!

thanks for your comments mate - most appreciated.

will be nicer once weve done extra work that we are doing at the moment. slightly adjusting front bumper, sponsored off k-tec for the kombat spoiler which is now fully prepped and so on. nice 1