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New Starter


Got me new starter on today and WHAT a difference - sounds like a motorbike starting up now. The other one was totally broke.. no bushes in the end so the wheel (dunno what its called, cog bit which turns) was moving about loads. No wonder it was not starting and draining the battery.

Thanks to everyone who helped me sort it out - DanG imparticular!


well done Daz,

no more leaving home 3/4 hr earlier than usual to get where you need to be on time then

yea! :)

and no more getting int he car and dreading starting it, knowing it might not start, and if it does itll make an awful noise.


Got some pics of the broken starter.. This is an end on view and you can see how much it moves about (the bit which spins round to start the car - Drive and Gears?).. No wonder it wasnt starting sometimes.. The battery must have been hammered trying to get it too turn at an angle like that!

(Sorry about the poor quality, they were blurred to start with, and when I turned quality down to bring filesize down, it got a little worse)