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New stereo plan - 172 - feedback pls?

  Clio Sport 172 MK2
Main reason for a new set-up is, 1. Wanting bluetooth, phone charging. 2. one the front the OEM speaker is stuffed 3. a boost in sound would be nice, but not amp/sub level (not required)
My car is a Clio 172 phase 2. Has a 6 stacker CD. Set-up might be weird, I'm from Aussie.


Just want to confirm I'm on the right path

Replace HU with : (cheap and does the job, 65 pound)
Buy a fascia on ebay/aliexpress
Buy stalk control, as per on ebay (says it works on kenwood units)
The above seams easy enough todo. After just re doing the headliner DIY, I want easy :). P.S. thank to the forum for getting me this far.

But now I get a bit lost.
Are my speakers 5" or 5.25" (5" are rare as rare hens teeth in Australia)?
Fronts : The housing is really solid (metal). Do I need to get 1 way / midbass units to replace them (once again, rare) or can I just get 2 ways? does getting 2 ways mean I have to hack something with the default tweeters (I don't wanna do that) ?
Backs : The housing is s**t (plastic), I was amazed I wasn't getting reverb and rattles out of them. Any point replacing them, replace with 2 ways or just cut them off. This is a 2 seat car at 99% of time.
Speakers in general: posters recommend Pyle PLG54 (but they are 5", not 5.25", rare again in Aussie and double the price of like for like kenwood/pioneer 2 ways.

Overall budget $300-$400 Aussie (160-220 pound)

Thanks peeps.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio Sport 172 MK2
Hey Bozo, i think you are going a little extreme for my liking :)

Think I will just start with replacing the head unit, now looking at , its little more expensive than the kenwood I noted earlier, but the internal amp is meant to be quite good for a headunit. ($178)

Speaker wise, I will just replace the fronts and looking at , has a 92dB rating, the best I have found for a 5.25 unit at a decent price. ($82)

Plus the stalk : ($64)

Fascia, can't find one for the 2002 172 Clio :-(

Grand total ($324 Aussie) - in budget :)