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new weird clio i’ve just seen

Youve prob all seen em already but i just popped out to get some much when i saw a spankin new clio! black and clean as, you can tell when its new!

Anyway its a norm 5dr but looked bit weird! then i saw it had silver badges like on the 172s and cups where it says 2.0 16v!!!! also had clear side indicators and new different alloys! On closer inspection the si;ver badges say "Initalle" but can be mistaked for a 2.0 badge! body coloured handles and mirrors!

so is this some new range?

just read the spec on renualt!!!!!

its got everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! extras galore!!!!

and costs more than a cup!

not a waste of money, some people may want a small luxurious car and what beter than the clio. is a bit pricey but you get what you pay for


  Shiny red R32

The Clio Initiale, the definition of luxury, where the Grey Leather and Alcantara seats marry beautifully with the distinguished colouring of the dark grey varnished Maple Wood dashboard inserts.

Yuk, sounds like those imitation shiny plastic looking inserts!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Clio 3 is due next year !!

Yes the Intiale is in the current Clio 2 mk2 shape. Aimed at a different market to Clio 172/ Cup. Its 5 door only and aimed at the luxuary small car market , rather than the sporty hot hatch market.
Nice all the same , just more for the older driver.