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New wheels

  Evo4, MITO, 172 TTV6

what is everyones opinions on these cobra wheels? Im thinking of getting them for my Z3
  Evo4, MITO, 172 TTV6
thanks for the replies, i personally like them. I would be importing them from america and would work out at £220 roughly + 89 shipping. If I had known about it being cheaper this way before id have done it ages ago! :D

Ill try and do a photoshop later.
  Looking for a Mk1 Clio?
They look pretty sweet. I love deep dish alloy... nice buy you got going there.
  Evo4, MITO, 172 TTV6
winston - are you offering yours :eek:

not really worried what the insurers say, if the premium goes up it goes up.
  Clio 1.2, Chrysler 300C
Those are really nice wheels, will look sweet on the Z3. What site are you getting them from? I'm looking for some deep dish rims for my car.