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new williams owner

Just got myself a williams. I was wondering if you could help us out with a few of the obvious questions. First is what tyres? Toyos are teasingly cheap but are F1s worth the extra? If there is an old thread with this already on then please let us know. Also is there any one from the nottingham area who could recommend a decent garage so I can get my stamp for the 54k service.

Cheers all.
  TT 225

Hiya! :D Got my Willy about 8 weeks ago, and Ive already put F1s on it.

Down to personal preference I think, but I definately noticed a difference...and I drove it round Silverstone at Trax this year :)

Dont know bout the garage tho, sorry. Not from your area

cheers. Problem is F1s are £300 fitted and Toyos are £200 fitted which buys a lot of optimax with the change. Also what do you find works well with the brakes. They seem okay as they are so is it just standard discs with greenstuff pads? I havent had the opportunity to see what they are like for fade etc yet.
  Clio 197

Change the pads for sure for the track. I went with DS2000 and they seem to be doing the trick. Real improvement.

Alrite mate, ive got falkens on mine and it sticks like glue, but them f1s are good that kelly has on hers, my dads got them on his calibra, so its up to you but the falkens are cheaper and give just as good proformance. its a shame you dont live near liverpool, i can get you a full set of falkens for 180 notes.

  TT 225

Not sure what your brakes will be like either im afraid cos Ive got Tarox 40 groove on the fronts :D Also very good at trax, hehehe and believe me, I needed them

Not being very helpful am I, LOL

£100 difference in the tyres... £25 a tyre then. Umm, if you can afford the F1s, do it. If not Im sure the Falkens would do quite well :)

PS. Ello Col :)
  190 BHP Willy 2


So that was you in the willy @ trax. I wondered if it was any1 from here. have to say your car looked very nice going round :D.

I had a session on the track but in my mates cossie, was trying to catch my mate in his supercharged vr6 (pink with black rims) you must of seen him he was out nearly every session, hes an absolute nutter behind the wheel. he spent a fortune. mind you he booked in advance so it was £25 a go as opposed to £45 on the day.

As usual phoning round was completley different to Internet prices. Toyos are £55 each fitted and DS2000 pads are £52.50 for the set. So mights be worth the extra for Eagle F1s then.

I am looking to do my first track day so whats coming up next? It would be good going somewhere where I could ask advice from another clio owner. Do you buy or rent helmets? Where do you buy from?

Primma Racing in Stapleford / Nottingham are REnault specialists, look after 172s, Williams, V6s, GT-5s etc. 0115-9491903

Very good, get all my stuff from them.

  190 BHP Willy 2

unless you are gonna get the use out of a crash helmet id just use the organisers ones. of which hire is included in the price of the track time.

I spent £400 on my lid (quantem f / Arai) but a reasonable helmet (class A) is around the £200 mark. Ensure the helmet is a class A though. No point picking up a cheap helmet and sacrificing your own well being should anything go wrong.

I dont know where the next day out is as I only ever do it at big shows like Trax etc.

  TT 225

Hehehe, why thankyou Big HP :D Think I saw your mate goin round as well :)

Re: the track days, I have my own helmet cos i go on the bike alot (not mine before you ask :cool:) and I also do the big events.

But, there are loads of track days up and down the country most weeks, depends if you want a clio only day or not. Driven Cadwell Park a couple of months back, and that was £130 for the whole day, and we got around 6 outings at 20 minutes an outing.

Re Renault Parts, my Willy is Primas ex-demo car so it has all their styling goodies on it, and the uprated brakes. Its the car on their website and the one in their adverts :)
  williams and trophy

or for another good day out with a load of clios there get to york dragstrip on the 6th oct..... its gunna be big

  Clio 197

Talking of track time, the ring will set you back €560 for a years lapping. Hundreds of UK drivers make the trip rather often.

It may be expensive getting there but the track time is a bargain. and getting there is half the fun. It can make for a great holiday.

  TT 225

Ed, you been to the Ring often then? Me and the other half are currently saving a bit of cash so we can get over there. Just looking to go for a weekend and figured we are lookin at £500 (ish) :confused:
  TT 225

Thank you! That would be great. Will contact you when we have a date and you can come show us the place ::D