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newb from surrey

  ITB'd 172
well thought id start getting posting after having a look round the site the past week.

im looking to buy a 182 in the new few weeks and use it daily until i have been traveling when it will be turned into a full track car.

many other from outside croydon area in sports?
  1.8 Civic EX
hey welcome to the club. i'm your nearest rep for the area (in fact I'm about 10mins from croydon). there is bloomin loads of us round this way lol

get yourself to some of the meets and say hello..:)
  ITB'd 172
well ive picked up my 172 on ITBs and am loving it to bits

will deffo get along to afew meets when i see some about.


  UR R26, Hyundai IX35
Hey-ho! Quite a few of us from surrey coming out of the woodwork, good to see more joining!
  ITB'd 172
im hoping to get to a meet or too soon.w
il post up in there when my membership has gone through, only paid it the other day.
yo yo hello dudes

I am kinda new........... i just been away from the site for a good few years

and now i back and with another old school 1.8 16v clio (its my baby) its my lucky no 4 clio hahaha

glad to hear finally theres some peeps down this way in surrey!!

im a living in sutton at the mo. looking forward to some meets, just like the old days
hi and welcome, you should get your self a trophy they are great on the road and on the track i do 250miles aweek for work and i wouldnt change it, and you can pick them up cheap now
  172 Cup
Welcome, i'm reasonably near to you (Horley)
Was born in Croydon (unfortunately) and grew up in i know the area well.