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Newbie Adam-Clio1.4RT

Hi Adam.

tadpole, my mate goes to loughborough, he drives a Green RT with number plate B16 OJS, its on its arse on 16" fox alloys, zorst, spoiler etc. you seen it?
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6


I go to uni at Loughborough as well. On a inductrial placement at the moment. So will be back for my finals in october.

lol for such a small place loughborough has a lot of clios!

Clean16v - I havent seen him actually, green is about the only colour i havent seen. Will look out for him though, is he a member?

Matt - I may have seen him, not sure tho, will keep a look out.

Steve a - I go on my industrial placement in july, got a job with reebok, hows yours going, who you with?

Im near Lougborough too.. go there quite a bit.. Never see any Clios.

Ive seen around here:

Green/Silver RT
White Valver
Blue Valver
Red 5 Door
and mine... Blue 5 Door.
Oh, and Steve As.

Hi, yeah defo meet at Mill on the Soar, just give me a mail for something when you fancy it. I am about 3mins away.

I am the RSC rep for Leicester and am really struggling to get many Leicester people meeting up, so if any ones interested please give me a yell..">