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Newbie - Should I get a 16V

Hi all,

This is my first time on ClioSport forum, looks pretty good.:D

The reason for my visit is I am thinking of buying a clio in the new year and was considering a 16v or maybe an RSI. I know the 16v is quicker but is there much in it?

Also what are they like for leg and headroom. Im 6 5" and currently drive a pug 306. I have driven a 205 with no problems but I found the 106 a tight fit. Anybody know how these compare to a clio?

I have up to about £3K to spend so any advise is appreciated! Thanks a lot.:cool:


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OI OI Hello mate. Get a valver they rock! Valvers are pretty small, but more room than 106 GTI, probly bit more cramped than a 306.

I am selling my valver as a really want a Williams.

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I have to agree with Mitsi 16Valvers rock !! I had one for five years before getting an 02 172, Worth spending the extra and getting the 16v instead of the RSI. Cant comment to much on leg and headroom as I am not as tall as you, but they definatley have more room than my new one !!

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Get a Valver! u wont be dissapointed performance wise, and looks....just beware of little bits that can go wrong - look for past threads on this forum for problems and solutions for this very sexy car....dont regret buying mine at all, even tho it has gone wrong a few times, but nothing major...
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Look out for history regarding the cam belt change if I remember correctly its due about 60,000 miles and it is expensive !! I had mine done about a year before I sold it along with a new cam seal and a small oil leak and it cost a grand at Renault !!

Buy it, drive it, love it. A top car - much like a woman, takes some looking after but its well worth it when you scare the crap rep mobiles - Vectras are easy, as are focuss, any BMW up to 2.0/2.3 and theyll be giving you nervous glances - when you hit the twisties youll leave em for dead!!

had the same problem before i bought mine. 16v is arguably more tuneable then the RSi but what did it for me is the arches. big mother f**king arches!!!!

Wow, what a great response. Thanks everyone.

Ive had a look through some of the forum pages and the niggly problems all seem quite minor I guess ( I am quite handy with a socket set ;)).

My pug has caused me quite a lot of grief over the last year or so, Im sure a clio cant be any worse, can it?:confused:

Is there any real common problems to look out for like driveshafts going, or discs warping (2 common ones on the PUG world)?

Thanks again:cool:

noisy powers steering, electric window switches, check that cam belt has been changed at 60k, rear arch rust, badly fitted after market exhausts( mine rattles like mad and i have taken it to 5 different places to fix it!!) oil leaks BUT buy this car, you will not regret it
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Clutch Cables snapping, have to replace rear wheel bearings when replacing rear discs...