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Newchapel, SOT, BLACK 182

182 black

Saw you near Newchapel heading towards mow cop way, you were doing some up the hill in the WET lol. Drove past in my cup.

About 12:45
  Trophy No. 440
I'm sure i've seen the same Black 182 when i've been out and about over the last couple of days.

I think it was around Pennyfields road area.
  Trophy No. 440
The one with the gay humps is Newchapel Road. Pennyfields road is the one from the little roundabout, up the hill to Newchapel workingmens club at the top (then you turn left for Harriseahead/Mow Cop or turn right for Packmoor)

I live in Newchapel and I've had the Trophy for about a year.
Yeah i get you, no way ive honestly never seen ya, strange that. Dont know who the guy is with the black 182 tho. If ya see my 172 cup SJ03 VYK thats meeeeeee give me a toot.

How old are ya??
  Trophy No. 440
Probably twice as old as you, judging by your picture. Its a good job there's room in a Trophy for a zimmer frame :D
  Trophy No. 440
I've never been bothered about admitting my age, its all a state of mind anyway (and it means I get cheap insurance). :D


Shaunbrass said:
Is penny fields road the one with all the gay humps?? where you live, ive never seen a trophy round here tbh

I can vouch ( don't know if thats how you spell it) for trophyboy.
Seen him about in the packmoor area.
  Trophy No. 440
Cheers mij,

Was talking to Dave Hemmings on Thursday. He says that he hates this weather because he can't do many repairs unless people have got garages that he can use.