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Newly fitted alternator not doing anything!!

Went to get a new alternator on Monday as my old one wasn't charging the battery.

So get a re-con one supplied and fitted for £60, pretty decent i thought. As on a Mk1 it's a bugger to get to.

However, this one I have just realised isn't charging the battery either.
What do I do?
Go back to the bloke that fitted it and get him to get his voltmeter and me prove the point, and them get him to fit a new one.
Go to Renault and get them to fit a new one and send the bill to the independant alternator man?

I'm sure the sales of goods act will come in here somewhere..cheers for your help.
  Renault 5 - 1.8 16V
Hello mate

i would approach the supplier of the refurbed alternator first. If he tells you to bugger off then go to renault, and make sure the bill gets delivered to the original supplier. I would suggest seeking a form of legal advice, as there are loop holes everywhere if you go down this route. did you get any sort of garuntee with the refurb, or even a receipt to say its in good working order?

I've got a receipt saying what it is and how much it cost, when i bought it etc.
Nothing relating to a guarantee though, but surely if 'not fit for the purpose' then I'm due a replacement or refund.
Cheers for your help :)
  Renault 5 - 1.8 16V
i agree with you fully there
how long is it since you had it fitted, as the guy could easily turn around and say it was working when it left here!
I would say the best thing to do is approach the supplier and explain the situation, and ask what he intends to do about it!
then from that judge your next course of action to take! Going in gunghoe from the outset will end in tears!

Hope you get it sorted though mate
yeah, had it fitted on Monday and the car kind of started having noticeable sign of lack of electrics after about almost certainly was never charging.
Will go in now and have a word, perfectly politely and being a recon he might have just grabbed one off the shelf that was duff.

Will let you know how i get on.