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next challenge...

driven the 172 for 48h test drive, driven the new megane 1.6 for 48h test drive, next its the cup for 48h-has ne1 tried this yet? just so i kno if there are enuf about for a dealer to let me
  VW Potato

reno have stopped making the Avantime (or is it the Vel Satis?). Its the one that looks like a two door espace, anyway. Totally failed to meet sales targets (like, thats a surprise).


Really?? I love the Avatime and would have had it as a company car in the right job. Its one of the only truly original looking cars out there. They are truly whacky in the flesh. Ill be looking for a second-hand bargain if theyre that unpopular!

they certainly will become bargains

in a year theyll probably have 70% knocked off their original value

I like them a lot, but its only a four seater. Has to rival the big boys of luxury too. Renault were brave, they deserve credit.

I sat in one at Renault Peterborough, was fab.
  VW Potato

Matra who makes them is making a loss at its factory (which it is trying to sell) so with renos agreement, its pulled the plug on them as theyre not hitting targets. Check out Autocrap for the full story.

  VW Potato

being innovative isnt enough in the luxury car market. it needs to be well built (think audi) it needs to be reliable (think lexus) it needs to have ace customer service (think BMW). Looking funky and having Clio bits inside is not enough for a £20k+ luxury car Im afraid.


easpecially when you look at the top spec esapce, now that is nice. Kinda makes the avantime a very specialized car