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Nicely done, but in dreamland

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  e60 M5 -172- dciheid

Chris Towner (aka dreamer) said:
Offers are invited, but enough with the low balls ! ;)

This is probably THE tidiest 205 you will ever see !
Resprayed, rebuilt, engine transplant, many choice modifications...This truly is a show condition car, get comfy, this is gonna be a long one !

Ive had the car almost 5 years, and in that time spent well over £10k. I have reciepts, and MOTs for the last 5 years.
Im a Toyota Technician, so this car has been maintained regardless of cost, to a high level. The car has literally been rebuilt in my ownership.

Id like to keep it, but my garage and bank account isnt big enough for 2 cars. Im moving on to something Jap and Turbo,
though i have seriously considered rebuilding the engine to low compression and turboing this, thats how much i love it.

12 Months MOT, 7 Months Tax

163k on clocks. 15k total in last 5 years, less than 10k on the current rebuilt engine !

It had a full respray including the engine bay (removed engine) at the start of the year, so the bodywork is spot on. There isnt a single dent on the car. The respray alone was close to £4k

On to the good stuff....

1989 205 Gti 1.9 originally in Alpine White


Engine Conversion Nov 06, running full Mi16 management, not tilted further on install

1.9 Mi16 engine, fully rebuilt, minor head mods, porting etc. Lightend and balanced
Injectors reconditioned, chrome fuel rail and regulator
Later Mi inlet cam pulley
Baffled sump, with trapdoor
New Oil Pump, with higher pressure spring fitted
New Water Pump
New Cambelt and Tensioners. Another new set Jan 09
New Alternator
New Starter Motor (08)
Braided Fuel lines + anodised ends, 106 Gti fuel filter, relocated for safety away from exhaust
New Radiator
Bailey Header Tank (09)
BBM Silicone coolant hose kit (07/8)
Mikalor Stainless hose clips
Bosch Silver Top Battery (07)
New Earth and Power cabling in engine bay, starter, alternator, earth points etc
Silicone breather hoses, with stainless oil catch tank. Mikalor stainless hose clips
Green PowerFlow filter (09)
Engine, brackets, inlet etc all stripped, cleaned, and painted
BBM Engine mount kit
Stainless Exhaust, has been on car since ive had it, was told its Mongoose, at some point someone removed the centre silencer

Mi16 Gearbox rebuilt, new diff bearing, input / output shaft bearings etc. New rod bushings etc (08)
New Linkage bushings
New Adjustable 'quickshift' gear linkage rod set (08)
Gen Clutch Kit
New Speedo Cable (Heatwrapped)


309 Gti Rear Beam, fully rebuilt, with Gen parts, and shafts. Powder coated (09) (Will include rebuilt 205 Gti beam if wanted)
GAZ Coilovers, with a spare alternate set of springs
BBM Solid Rear Beam Mounts (09)
BBM Group N Top Mounts
New Bottom Arms, with Poly Bushes
New Drop Links
New Poly ARB Bushes
New Wheel Bearings all round (rears 09 for new beam)
Power Steering Rack fitted for quicker ratio (car is NON PAS still)
Upper and Lower Strut Braces, lower not fitted atm
New Driveshafts


307 HDi front brakes
New discs and pads all round (07)
406 Master Cylinder
New Gen Reservoir and seal kit
Stainless Braided brake pipes for the entire car
New Hand Brake Cables


Full Respray in Nissan QM1, inc engine bay (09)
All bodykit trims smoothed and painted black (09)
New Gen red trim inserts (09)
New Gen Grill, with custom 'Lion' emblem (09)
New Gen roof trims (09)
New Custom Pillar Badges (09)
Locks Removed (09)
New Gen Aerial base (09)
Phase 2 Rear Lights
New Gen Headlights, Front Indicators, Front Fogs (09)
Automatic Bonnet, Cool Louvers Vents
Under car stripped and wheel arches stripped, white stone chipped


Speedline SL434s, shot and liquid blasted, painted inside and out, new centre caps matched (09)
Brand New Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres all round (09)
Stud Conversion, with locking wheel nuts (09)
Will include original wheels if wanted (worn Toyos)


Heated Front Screen fitted (still waiting on switch as its a non standard part) (09)
New Gen Front, Rear, and Front Side window rubbers (09)
Front Seats rebolstered, recovered with better condition covers, still 20 year old, but no rips, standard Gti Half Leathers
Carpet steamed while out
Sound deadend (Dynamat type stuff) So doors close with a clunk etc !
Dash removed, packed with foam etc for anti rattle, alarm LED installed in best place possible ! Be warned, this car is fast, and has solid mounts...there are still rattles !
Momo Steering wheel
Carbon Fibre Gear Knob


Alpine MP3 / CD headunit, Motorised front, remote control, 3 pre outs etc
Kenwood 5 Channel Amp
Kenwood Dual Mags front speakers
Sony 4 Way 6x9s
Stealth Shelf
Vibe Ltd Ed Sub
Q Dos wiring, RCAs etc
Everywhere Sound deadend, when carpet, trims etc were out

Toad Cat 1 Alarm, Full Closure module, microwave sensor module
Doors Delocked

I dont 'think' ive forgotten anything..but ive done a lot of work over the years, so i may have missed something off !
I have a lot of pics detailing the progress etc, so can supply any you might want from how it was when i got it, to inside the engine, to how it is now.

It should, and is, setup to run on Super Unleaded. Ive always run it on Optimax / V Power. Its had oil and filter changes every 6 months, and runs on Mobil 1 Fully Syn, Gear oil changed every year, again, Fully Syn.
Running 10 year, super long life coolant, thats not even a year old yet.
Since the respray, the car has been garaged, and done less than 1k miles.
Car has the original owners book, service book etc. Cat 1 install certificate, all MOTs since ive had it, and most receipts etc.

Bad points...

Had a minor disagreement with the plastic rear arch at a car show, driving on grass, didnt see a huge dip, and cracked the paint on the plastic trim. This is only the clip on arch, not the metal of the car. (The pics are taken with the damage done)

The passeneger window spat its dummy out, ill get a new regulator fitted before it sells, but just wanted to mention it

Thats about it, this car is 20 years old, and it looks amazing. Its fast, agile, great handling and braking. Gives much more powerful cars a run for their money due to its lightweight and great handling.
Ive never had it rolling roaded, but power should be around 170 bhp. Which is a lot in such a small car, it pulls well right the way to rev limiter, which is 7200 rpm, and being lightend and balanced, revs up nicely.
As ive said, id love to keep it. Writing this has only made me feel worse, but 5 years is a long time. And i have to stop throwing money at it some time !

Im happy to answer any questions, provide any info, pics you need. It really needs to be seen to be appreciated

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  Ph1 track 172
that is amazing,

im sure a collector somewhere may pay that,
this could well be a future classic, considering how legendary they were, and many are going in on the scrapage!
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  Dodgy one
I'd pay it, looks nice :cool:

would need the 1.9 wheels but wouldnt fit over the brakes and i dont like aftermarket exhausts on them, maybe a stainless which looks the same as OE
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  Mainly a tow truck
Looks great, i have one just like it in blue. Great cars, had one as my first car many years ago but never realised what i had so went out and done it again-


Then i put this in there-


More pictures at under the projects section.

If you havent driven one try it they are great.



ClioSport Moderator
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  Whichever has fuel
that is amazing,

im sure a collector somewhere may pay that,
this could well be a future classic, considering how legendary they were, and many are going in on the scrapage!

A collector would vomit at thet. They hate anything non-standard.

I personally think its the dogs b****cks and would buy it if I hadn't started the clio. Bloody lovely!
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  Mainly a tow truck
I don't think 6K is dreaming at all.

Me neither, if you look at the good ones they seem to fetch a premium, i would'nt let mine go for anyless than the above.

Its like all the older stuff the fiesta xr2's etc if in good nick they fetch good money.

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  Dodgy one
Me neither, if you look at the good ones they seem to fetch a premium, i would'nt let mine go for anyless than the above.

Its like all the older stuff the fiesta xr2's etc if in good nick they fetch good money.


I was hoping you'd post yours, Have you got any of the white one? and while youre on it the Rallye :evil: :approve: