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Nikon D70s, any users on here?

  172 Sport
Afternoon gents, very quick question.

I have wanted a DSLR for a long time, a friend of mine has offered me a D70S which has taken less than 100 photo's, a Sigma lens a couple of filters a bag and a 16gb card for £250.

Just wondered if anybody has any opinions? I just want it for shots of my animals, cars and nice things when out walking. I could probably do what I want with my camera phone...But I want a DSLR ;)

Thanks guys.


ClioSport Club Member
it's a plastic body...I used to do pro photography.
It would be my backup body for that no problem.
as long as you don't use it in pouring rain climb walls with it it is good kit.
It is a Nikon after all......

added plus is has a focus motor in the body, which means you can use the older AF lenses aswell.
I had a D70s for my first SLR. Great camera at the time, bit dated now though.

It will still be a great camera, but if you can stretch to a newer one then I would.
  RB One Eight Two
I totally agree with Dan. I had one as my first DSLR, great camera at the time but I soon upgraded to a D80. I now use a D90 with a second body being a D80 which is still great in my opinion. I would probably opt for a D80 over a D70 if you can stretch to it there is a huge difference between the two.