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Nimbus 197 going through bubbenhall - Keef?

  More poke than viagr
Hi, saw you this morning about 10ish going through bubbenhall, i gave you a big thumbs up as we past lol :cool:
  Nimbus 197
Yeah that was me, I knew it was you but just saw you at the last minute as my phone was ringing! (Not that I'd condone talking on the mobile while driving. Of course.) :)
  More poke than viagr
Ah thought it was you aswell, only had time to wave as i have to slow down on that bit to stop the scraping lol.

lol i think having the missus in the car is more distracting than being on the phone anyways lol :eek:

EDIT: lmao that sounds a bit dodgey, i meant the talking/nagging