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no nrside brake light!

Hi, firstly sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but i didnt think it was really a mod so put it here!

just got my M plate 1.4 RT, and am WELL pleased with it - better than my previous motor (erm,...micra....)!!! Just have one niggling problem:

The nearside brake light doesnt work - thought it was just a bulb issue but i found that the bulb is shared with the sidelight, and that works fine!!!! THe offside breake light is fine, but as i am new to clios i am not sure where to look next - any ideas people?

Cheers for any help!


ummmm.. is it definetly shared? cant say ive ever looked... might be worth if the other one works, swap the bulbs and see if it does make a difference

and hello

shared alright ,but is there not two filaments inside the single bulb, the brake one would appear to be burnt out on yours, Ben J is right try swapping the bulb and then youll know, most likely is blown bulb.

Alex M
  190 BHP Willy 2

yes its shared but its detinately the bulb. mine was the same till about 5 mins ago, just changed the bulb and hey presto all working.