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No World Series by Renault in 2013

  DCi 100
Hopefully I'll be going to World Series in Austria, Hungary and France next year. Not sure yet but will be good to see how different they are to Silverstone.


ClioSport Club Member
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I get a feeling that Renault may be breaking away from the UK as it seems like Renault dealers may be becoming Dacia dealers if sales of those pick up. Adam was saying that the Renault in Birmingham was being turned into a Nissan dealership...could this be a sign of things to come?


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Renault Chester shares its showroom with Nissan and now sells like above pretty much all makes and models..

Boo.. About rws missing out really.
  Clio 172
Renault own over 50% of Nissan hence the joint showrooms. All main franchise Renault dealers owned by Renault e.g. Renault Cardiff, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester etc will have Nissan in their showrooms. And tbh with the way Renault are hemoraging (sp) money in the UK and dealers are getting out I can see it not being too long before there are very few Renault dealers left. They already shut 30% of UK dealers last year.


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That reminds me of that philosopher raptor quote thing.
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Bringing this back to topic... There is a really good chance of the Word Series returning next year to Silverstone!
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Fascinating article it is and for a certainty i didn't generally pestered it much in light of the fact that the ride renault i am Driving as of now never made me feel that i gotta be utilizing some other vehicle on the grounds that at the end it provides for us what i need in like manner so better believe it shouldn't be a major ordeal however i figure they gotta be working all the more proficiently towards the development of their brand in light of the fact that at the end its needed.
That's given me a headache.


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  clio 172,2001
Bringing this right up to date.....there is a countdown clock on the world series renault website for the reveal of the 2015 calender...on typing this it has 40 mins left...
I'm sure it's been mentioned it won't be UK next year again :(

Tempted to go onto the continent next year for it.