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Nokia 5800

  Octy VRS
Got one and I'm usually pretty good with phones. Can't seem to find any tones etc apart from some s**t bundled tracks on the memory card. Where are the normal ringing tones and stuff? Also 1 theme to choose from.....

It's odd to navigate compared to the Tocco Lite I had previously. Not sure I like it. Anyone else have one?
  Titanium Clio 182
I've got one. Had it since it came out.
Top phone. But I've always had Nokia's so not had the change of navigaiton prob you're getting.

So much junk on my phone now, but IIRC it came with minimal sounds, in terms of changing ringtone etc.
First thing I did was download an 'old phone' mp3 for my ringtone.
Mixture of comedy and irony in having the latest telephonic item....with a ring that sounds like its from 100 years ago :)
  Octy VRS
Cheers. Found some when you personalise your profile. Bad there's only one theme. I had a 6300 before the Samsung and that was only 6 months ago. I guess it's getting used to it. Hangs a bit compared to the Tocco but it's a nice phone.
  Titanium Clio 182
Hangs a bit compared to the Tocco but it's a nice phone.

What firmware version has it got?

If you go settings/phone/phone mgmt./device updates it'll show firmware under 'custom version' .
should be either 11...something or 21...something.
v30 is out, but only for certain territories as yet. both 21 and 30 speed it up a bit.