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nokia d box, help needed

  a burnt one
Well folks, ive not got any knowledge about technology whatsoever, despite being born in the 80's i appear to be stuck in the 60's.

Obviously i know what these things do but theres seems a lot of them, does anyone have any info on which is the best, problems involved, what i need to run one etc etc.

I really need more telly of the free variety but would appreciate any advice before ordering one.

oh, i better post a link to what im talking about
  HyperAlloy Combat Chassis
The dbox is somewhat old now, they stopped making them a while back. You might want to look at the dreambox which is a newer and more capable device. Dbox will still do what you want though ;) You can lots of other cool stuff with them as well, they are very flexible. Have a read here:

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  a burnt one
Cheers mate, much appreciated, il have a look at that later and see if i can make sense of it, i presume i have to already have some kind of digital tv service?
  HyperAlloy Combat Chassis
I don't have a cable TV service but I have a cable modem. I just split the cable with an adapter and the dbox works. Of course the software on mine only allows me to watch free to air channels.......

  a burnt one
Ah, i see, well i wont buy the dreambox i seen on ebay to watch free to air channels, as i already have cable tv through my I.S.P so there would be no point wiring it up to my existing cable plainly to receive the channels i am already receiving with my cable package.

If that makes sense;)