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Nokia n80 on contract via the web

Anyone know the best place where I could get one on contract online. I'd prefer it if the phone was free and line rental is reasonable as only will be sending a few hundred texts a month and a few calls at most really. Also is it worth getting it on three - Ive heard many bad things about three even tho someone at work thinks theyre really good and helpful etc :/
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You'll get this with Orange free but the cheapest tariff for phone to be free is £35/month giving 550mins and unlimited texts.

For paying £49.99 for the phone you can get tariffs that are £20-25 that may suit you better.

I'm on the £35 per month one.
I ended getting one on O2 for £35 p/month (18 month contract) + £6 insurance p/month just incase, free phone and £225 free cashback :)
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Im on 3 it is good i get:
25mms (Pic Text)
Free internet
£5 free downloads
25 Video Calls
For £35 (1st 4-6 months are £15) + £8 insurance (18 month)
A Nokia 6280 Free
  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
in my opinion dont get the n80. it sucks. just recieved mine about an hour ago and after playing with it its already crashed 3times and its slower than a fiat panda
  Fiesta ST
No problems what soever with mine - think you might have a duff one! I've not even updated the Firmware yet on mine.
  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
how slow does your run and it also doesnt seem to be picking up my wireless network
  Fiesta ST
doesn't run slow - also I use mine daily on 3 different wireless networks with no issues whatsoever.
  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
rawrrrrrr stupid shitting phone, what distance can it pick up wireless networks from?


ClioSport Club Member
  A blue one.
What firmware have you got? The older firmware is a bit sh*te, since updating it's been a whole lot more stable.

Only issue I have is the slow sms sending which happens as the phone gets "older", but nokia has released this which apparently solves the problem.
  ex Clio 172 owner :(
Stick with in b3nje. I wasn't sure about mine when I first got it. Almost swapped it for a k800. I love it now. So much to it.

My wireless network at home is picked up and connected to easily. Never tested the range but I can get it downstairs no hassle and out in the garden. Suppose it'll depends on your router and it's position too.

Mine has never crashed.
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n80 is good but has a few annoying features.

i would highly recommend staying well clear of 3 network, its s**t.

iv just gone back with O2 after trying 3 and orange.

i had the k800i as it had a great deal, but its going up for sale i think, and an N73 is to be purchased soon! daddy phone at the mo


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  A blue one.
sn00p said:
WOnly issue I have is the slow sms sending which happens as the phone gets "older", but nokia has released this which apparently solves the problem.

Hurrah, that nokia install fixes the problem! :)