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Non-functioning OBD port + airbags again

Hello all,
As my build progresses I'm trying to slowly iron out the issues one by one to get the car MOT worthy.
There's a normal engine MIL which I want to know the cause of, but also the airbag warning light is really starting to P me off as I'm running out of ways to try to clear it.
I've done the standard resistor approach (8 pcs all in) but it won't clear. When I started stripping the car there was no light on, so I don't think it will be airbag control module related and am not happy to fork out £40 to get this reset if it isn't the problem.

This all leads on to my main issue which is the lack of ability to read faults using the OBD2 port.
I have a rubbish Streetwize OBD reader that I've had for many years. Plugged it in, un-killed battery, it lights up and initialises as normal.
Turn ignition on and initiate the search, it has a think about it then gets stuck on "read..."
I've tried the same code reader on my big Pug and it works immediately as it did from day one.

Cleaned out the pins and plug to no avail. The reader is obviously functioning as it works on other cars, plus there's clearly power to the port so....

Anyone experienced this before or can hazard a guess as to why it won't read anything?
Any help massively appreciated.


Sir Nancy Flowers

ClioSport Club Member
This may or may not help you. Either way its gonna cost some money.

A long time back now I picked up a silver 182. Think its the one in my pic. It had a side impact and I was determined to get it back on the road. I went to a wreckers and found a clio (non sport) that had the same number of airbags. Ripped the airbag module out, paid the scrappy £20 and it worked a charm. He didnt even know what this silver box was.

Reading something a while later apparently the airbag modules like to go bye bye when people spill drinks in the cup holders and it leaks down below. You know, cos french designers put a computer below a cup holder.....

Fingers crossed this could work for you? If the airbag light is on, you wont be able to get an MOT :/
This is the thing; I'm happy to pay however much it is to reset or replace the airbag module, but it's money down the drain if that isn't the cause. There was no airbag light on before I stripped the interior so unless it's taken a knock and developed a fault while moving about I'm hesitant as to whether that's the cause.

This is why I want to work out why the OBD won't communicate as that should shed some light on exactly what the fault is so I don't throw money away needlessly.

I give anyone who reads this permission to shoot me if I'm ever stupid enough to fall for the trap of buying another French car.
Nothing I'm aware of. I was very conscious of ballsing it up as I have done on other cars in the past, so marked everything as it came off and went back on. Because of my lack of comfort with most things electrical I basically left the entire wiring loom in the car while I was spraying, wrapped and masked it and the unpacked the other side. Entire dash and all associated parts went back together smooth as anything.
I might have another prod around and lay it all out properly if it ever gets light outside this week...

Sir Nancy Flowers

ClioSport Club Member
As James said above, all sources point to a wiring fault of some sort. But you probably already know this. One thing you could do is see if anyone you know locally has a clio. The airbag modules take 5 minutes and you could try someone elses to see if that would work. Potentially a free option of trying it. Alternatively, £30 or so isnt the end of the world to throw away even if it isnt the airbag module as you can resell them after.

That said, if the module was fine before, its probably still fine now and is having a s**t fit. Have you tried wiggling the wires under the seats? Sometimes if they disconnect, the module cant sense the airbag and throws a light.

The other thing to think about is the type of obd youre using. I had a semi decent one that worked on nearly everything except my clio. Clios are weird like that. Again, might be worth putting out some feelers as to who may have CLIP near you for proper renault code reading. From what ive heard, even if the cheap OBD's do work, CLIP is a mile ahead as it 'talks the same language' in essence.
Herein lies a new problem as I've just moved to the area and don't know anyone at all around here, much less anyone with a Clio.
Is there a part of this forum for finding people in the nearby area? I swear I saw such a thing before. Someone in the local area with diagnostics would be worth their weight in gold for the various fault codes I undoubtedly have now and in the future.

No seat connectors left any more. Both oem seats are gone, replaced with one bucket. Resistors across all the associated plugs. Pulled them out, put them back in, doubled the pins, tested the resistance, taped them up etc etc

As you say, perhaps £30 for peace of mind wouldn't be the worst idea

Sir Nancy Flowers

ClioSport Club Member
You would be surprised at how local there will be people who have CLIP. Might be worth digging around here or just checking the rules and popping a thread up with your rough area.

Just as a silly but free idea. If you still have the old OEM seats, might it be worth trying them instead of the buckets with the resistor trick? Its a silly idea but its one less thing to have to worry about. If the light stays on with the oem seats in, you know its not the resistors/any wiring youve messed with. Not blaming you but just trying to narrow things down :)