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non RS owners, lets see your exhausts

  RS Megane DCi 175

I was considering a stealth jobby too but I think this is subtle enough IMO :D
  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
stuff that stealth crap, just makes me think your exhaust is naffed cos you can hear it but not see it
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Honestly, not sure...

Put the window down to hear anything and all you get is wind in ur face :clown:
  "Navy" N17 TWO
I've been told (and agree) it sounds better than those dci's running around with a straight-through exhaust - like tractors with a bad touch of the flu IMHO
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
This is the only pic I really have of the whole system, taken just before Trax this year, Its a Stealth Sport Cat-Back system done by Charlie at Prospeed on Febuary 2005

  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
no idea tbh! I'm sad enough to polish the backbox every once in a while and have never touched the rest of the system!
  Rover 620ti, MK1 Valver
This cat back was done by a local performance garage a while back.. sounds nice and subtle with the silencer in the mid section


  Arctic Blue Clio 182
Mine. Sounds nice a stuble for the size of the pipes lol. Full custom powerflow system